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KITCHEN at Wild Loaf

August - September 2017

KITCHEN was a project produced at The Wild Loaf, a local Liverpool bakery started and ran by women. The project focused on the experiences of women and non-binary people within professional and non-professional kitchens in challenge of conformity to gendered roles.

The project ran across three weekends through STORYTELLING & THE KITCHEN workshops that contributed to an exhibition and book club discussion of Banana Yoshimoto’s novella, Kitchen.

The exhibition comprised of excerpts taken from stories collected at the STORYTELLING & THE KITCHEN workshops in August and September 2017. Together, the stories broke down archaic notions of the kitchen as a place for housewives in private and male chefs in public, showcasing the funny, serious and coming-of-age stories that demonstrate the creative and cultural impact of the kitchen.

Image by Imogen Woolley (http://www.imogenwoolley.co.uk/)